Posted by: scribe9 | November 24, 2009

Prepping for Thanksgiving

We’re hosting a family of five for Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday, and even though we have place settings for eight, Emily and I realized that we didn’t have enough serving implements, so we visited our usual housewares store to fill in the gaps.

Our china is plain white porcelain, and the store sells rafts of white porcelain pieces in various shapes and sizes, so we had no trouble picking up a few small condiment bowls. Our choice on the butter dish was between a simple rimmed oblong and a rounded one with a cover bearing some resemblance to a Prussian helmet. The simple one got the nod.

We wanted a serving ladle, as opposed to a cooking ladle, but none was to be found. We’ll use soup spoons to serve the gravy and cranberry sauce. We bought a couple of large serving spoons, needing something to dish out the stuffing and the roast vegetables.

Since we’ll be making the usual three pies (apple, pecan, and pumpkin), we thought we’d splurge and buy a pastry blender. No, we won’t—no sign of one, so we’ll just use a couple of table knives. We had a choice of two rolling pins: one light and one-piece, the other heavier, with ball bearings. We indulged in the heavy one, and now I’m not sure where to store it, because our drawers are all so short. The pie tins are known as “quiche pans” and are 24cm in diameter—9.45 inches—but shallow, so our usual recipes for 9-inch pies should work pretty well.

 As long as we were there, we picked up a universal lid, the only one that would fit our large frying pan. It had a translucent plastic label, about four inches wide, across the middle. I expected it to slide right off, but no—I had to dig out a Phillips screwdriver, unscrew the handle, and then take the band off. Not exactly user-friendly.

We also looked for a lemon-squeezer with seed traps, as the oranges and lemons (say the bells of St. Clement’s) growing in our yard are long on seeds. No luck. We know we’ve seen one somewhere in town, and eventually we’ll see it again; only half-a-dozen places sell many housewares. But I’ve been looking for a pastry blender since we got here, and I’m pretty sure there just aren’t any. That’s all right. Both items are easy enough to live without, and that will be that much less to get rid of next October.



  1. I feel bad – i’ve got a perfectfully good pastry blender and a lemon juicer with a seed trap in the cupboard – never use either one of ’em…they’ll be in the mail as soon as you say so.

    • Don’t feel bad! There’s so little room in my kitchen here that it’s probably just as well that I don’t have them–and that’s part of the adventure, too.

      Thanks for all your comments–it’s always nice to hear from a faithful reader! And one of these days I’ll actually dig out the camera, and then there’ll be more pictures.

      Happy Thanksgiving,

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