Posted by: scribe9 | December 9, 2009

Summer Show

Saturday afternoon we walked up the road a few hundred meters to the Barge Showgrounds. Since we live on a ridge, my guess is that Barge is or was a person, not a conveyance.

 The event was the Summer Show, something on the order of a fair for a very small county. We went in the near entrance, which wasn’t the main one; it took us behind the go-karts. But these were not the usual go-karts; these were remade lawnmowers, in the true Kiwi spirit of Do It Yourself.

Lawnmower go-kart

Those wanting to take their small children along went nearby to these commercially made vehicles:

 Note that both doting daddies are chatting on their cell phones.

 Some of the vendors clearly spend a lot of time on the road. I can’t recall what was being sold from the other side of this bus, which looks to me as if it just drove out of the hills around Eugene circa 1970:


 We were too late to see many of the animals. Alpacas, sheep, goats, and cows had been shown earlier in the day, but by 4 o’clock, all except half a dozen Holsteins and half a dozen Jerseys had been taken home, as apparently none stay overnight. We also missed equestrian events; shearing, spinning, and weaving demonstrations; a dog agility competition; a four-wheel drive demonstration; BJ Bear, Kid Dynamite, and Midge Marsden, whoever they may be.

We were also too late to see the Highland dancers perform, but we did see them on the Ferris Wheel:

We wandered past the agricultural equipment displays, which were flanked by pickups, caravans (trailers), and tents at special show prices. In one vending tent we tasted wine (some good, some dreadful) and limoncello (made locally and quite good–we bought a bottle).

 The lumberjack competitions kept going until five, so we ended our visit watching some of those. We had had no idea that there were clubs of axe-wielders in New Zealand, but two were represented. (I suppose I would have realized the extent of international logging hobbyism if I’d ever attended the Albany Timber Carnival, which was a big deal and only forty miles up the road all the years I was growing up.) The age range appeared to be about thirty to late sixties. The champion—not in this picture–wasn’t in a team shirt, and had a front porch, but he was significantly faster than the others.


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