Posted by: scribe9 | January 20, 2010

Crow and other delicacies

So much for trying to prove a negative. Today I braved several roundabouts in going to a different grocery store, and discovered I’d leapt to several erroneous conclusions: 

  1. That Chai teabags are available only at Starbucks. In the right store, one can find several flavors by various teamakers, but probably only leaded—there’s very little decaf tea or coffee.
  2. That applesauce is just a specialty, South African food. Today I found one Australian and two New Zealand brands—not in the canned fruit aisle, but with the condiments, because it’s a sauce, after all.

When eggs are free-range, they’re not graded by size—maybe it would break their roving spirits. Otherwise, they’re graded by number—US Large is between New Zealand sixes and sevens.

It’s almost a month before Ash Wednesday, but there are already hot cross buns in the bakery section. Maybe that’s the New Zealand equivalent of eggnog appearing around Halloween.

Who’s the pirate in the produce aisle? The sweet corn, which is a buck an ear. Over in the baking aisle, I’ve looked for cornstarch, but so far have only found cornflour, made from wheat (the traditional English meaning of corn is grain in general, rather than the maize Americans call corn). Having so recently eaten crow, I’m not about to say that one can’t find cornstarch somewhere in New Zealand, so I just checked on line. It seems to be mostly sold in bulk to the food industry, but smaller, retail-sized packages are available further south. I’m not sure why it isn’t available in Northland, and I’m happy to live in ignorance on that point.


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