Posted by: scribe9 | March 18, 2010

Jib stoppers and tenors

Today I saw a vehicle that said “Jib Stopper” on the side and asked its driver what that meant. The only jib I’d ever heard of was a type of sail. He said he was a plasterer. A jip stopper is someone who does mudding and taping of drywall, but he obviously did a wider range.  Some plasterers do just fixing and stopping (hanging sheetrock, mudding and taping), while others also do coving and cornices, and there are those who do fibrous plastering as opposed to solid plastering. I rent a stuccoed house, owned by Roughcast Investments–roughcast is a three-layered form of exterior stuccoing.

The jib stopper was as cheerful and polite as virtually every other man I’ve spoken with in New Zealand, and I certainly don’t object to that aspect of Kiwi culture. But people here tend to pitch their voices higher–I’d guess it’s more cultural than genetic, as a higher-pitched voice tends to sound friendlier–and I find myself missing the sound of baritones and altos.



  1. “Jib stopper”: of course! Goes right along with “judder bar”!!

    • And a college is a secondary school–I always have to remember to say that my kids have finished university.

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