Posted by: scribe9 | April 28, 2010

Rain, rain, come again

When we drove back from the Far North this week, it rained the whole way. Not just a northwest-style drizzle, but mostly so hard the windshield wipers were on high speed. That qualifies as what my midwestern mother called a gully-washer, and what my eastern mother-in-law calls a frog-strangler.

A weather site for the midpoint of our journey (motto: Never base important decisions on this or any weather information obtained from the Internet) says there was over an inch and a half of rain that day. Some of it undoubtedly ran off, but it’s a start on recovering from the drought.

The rain let up a bit while we were driving through a ten-mile (okay, I’m guessing–I didn’t check the odometer and convert) stretch where the houses, although mostly old and small, were, with their yards, very neatly kept. I’d love to know why that is–immigrants from a certain country? No clue.

One would think that especially in rural areas, in a country that is heavily agricultural and pastoral (yes, they make that distinction here), big pickups would abound. But we see–in city as well as country–far more Holden Utes, which are vehicles like El Caminos, which isn’t surprising–Holden (an Australian manufacturer) got swallowed up by GM decades ago. My guess is that there are more Utes (for utility) than pickups because of price.

When we got home, we found twelve snails, no doubt coaxed out by the rain, on the front wall near some newly-planted pansies, two of which had been denuded. We quickly scattered slugbake (years after one of our children said that for slugbait, the name lives on) , and by morning there were no snails–no slime trails, no dead ones, no trace. Must have evaporated, so no escargot for dinner tonight.

Unfortunately today was nice and the weekly forecast (which, admittedly, is almost always wrong) is for only a few showers. Someday the rains will settle in–we hope.


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