Posted by: scribe9 | June 25, 2010

Ever more expats

The first one this week is living a parallel life–she’s here for a year from Seattle, and she’s living in a big college town the other side of Auckland. If you’d like to see her take on Kiwi life, she blogs at

An American I met downtown grew up in Ukiah, California. She and her family were living in Bakersfield (for the money, not the location) when Dubya got re-elected and they decided it was time to bail.

A young man here from Northern Ireland commented on the huge amount of paperwork he had to complete to come to work for two years. In N. Ireland doctors will no longer tell parents the gender of the babies they’re expecting, because of lawsuits for the cost of decorating when the wrong one is specified.

Which brings us to doctors. Rick keeps meeting more and more Americans who are tired of the paperwork, the threat of malpractice litigation, the many patients demanding their rights including lots of treatments and tests they don’t need but “insurance will pay for”, and the focus on money and process in the US healthcare system. So they come here and work reasonable hours, have mostly polite patients, and enjoy a less hectic life. Obviously they feel life and practice here are worth the cut in pay. When’s the US going to figure out how to keep its primary care docs practicing there?


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