Posted by: scribe9 | June 29, 2010

The ants go marching, and other winter phenomena

Usually we don’t see many black ants any more. Maybe a couple here or there. Then we get careless, and all of a sudden there’s an invasion. On Sunday I made a banana cake. Silly me–I tossed the cake papers into the kitchen trash, and by Monday morning it was crawling with You Know Who. On Monday I made another banana cake (we were long on very ripe bananas, and we gave both cakes away), and this time I religiously took the cake papers outside to the garbage bag. This afternoon I went to get sugar for my chai and YUCK! They were inside the regular sugar container–a plastic item with a latching lid–and inside the caster (superfine) sugar container–a jar with a screw top, both of which I’d thought I’d closed carefully. Next stop for the sugar: the fridge. I’ve found some ants on the outside of its gasket, but never inside.

I’d forgotten, until I was out walking the other day, that outdoor jade plants bloom this time of year. I remember a four-foot-high one in our neighborhood in Perth just before we left in July, and there are several in this neighborhood in bloom.

Our begonia was getting mildewed in the dining room, so Rick planted it outside where the leaves cleared right up. We’ll see how long it lasts in our protected garden, where the other day we picked a tomato (not ripe, really, but dark orange).

While there probably won’t be snow, we’re still surprised at how many people go barefoot this time of year, including intermediate schoolers playing soccer during PE and lunch hour. I can remember how it felt to go barefoot at 50 degrees; I didn’t mind when I was that age, but I’m not leaping to do so now.

The avocados have finally disappeared from the growers’ market, but they should be back in a few months.

Today was beautifully clear except for a five-minute major downpour at 3 pm, so this evening I’m sharing the lounge with a rack of laundry that I wasn’t going to leave out for a third day.

The supermarket sells fruit mince (mincemeat) tarts these days, for midwinter Christmas meals. We haven’t gotten around to having such a meal, although I’m ready with a bag of cranberries in the freezer.

The roads are a bit emptier these days. We used to see milk tankers every 15 minutes or so, but now they’re all in drydock for the winter.


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