Posted by: scribe9 | July 30, 2010

Citrus situation

Our satsuma days are over. Oh, sure, there are still a few hanging on the tree

but they’ve been hollowed out by birds. It’s been weeks since the little neighbor boy showed up every day to pick a couple.

Now it’s lemon season. The lemons seemed to take forever to ripen–past lemon yellow to golden yellow.

A few friends and neighbors will take them, but many people have their own trees (orchards in one’s yard are a Kiwi tradition from less prosperous times), and one simply doesn’t use as many lemons as satsumas.

We wanted to make limoncello, but it was not to be–you can’t buy grain alcohol here. That’s no doubt because  New Zealand has an alcohol problem (probably not that much worse than the US’s, but I have difficulty finding comparable statistics), and won’t allow the sale of alcohol in the stores at gas stations, although it’s certainly available almost everywhere else.

So I bought some limoncello–although actually it’s not officially that, because it’s locally made. Fine with me–I get tired of buying imports (except chocolate, tea, and walnuts), and just don’t buy very many. A lot of food comes from somewhere else because New Zealand is such a small market that it can’t compete on price even if it grows the food here, such as apricots and walnuts.

There are big orange groves north of here, but the juice brand from that area has been bought by Coke, and the last time I looked at a package all the juice in it was imported. I’m hoping that’s simply seasonal. One of these days we’ll be getting juice from the trees in our back yard–the oranges have been orange for weeks, and some month soon they’ll actually be ripe!


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