Posted by: scribe9 | August 4, 2010

Early “February” in the Far North

Our elder daughter Cate is here for nine days–she left summer in California to hang out with the old folks in northern New Zealand’s rainy winter–and we took her to the far north for two days.

She’s taking photos approximately every 30 seconds. We’ll skip the photos of Cape Reinga, because it looked a lot better in the real February, and you can see it at

There was just a little sun on the second. There aren’t any groundhogs here, but there doesn’t seem to be any Hedgehog or Kiwi (they burrow in the ground, too) Day either. But it is early spring. We saw lambs,

and piglets,

and calves–hence the milk trucks are starting to emerge from hibernation.

Since the drought drowned weeks ago, we saw waterfalls where there were none before.

There are very few real barns in Northland. This one

is on the way to this beach:

one of the zillions of nice New Zealand beaches.

I’ll close with two very Kiwi displays along the north coast highway:



  1. nice pictures Cate. What a great feature in this tech world so all of us can see what you are seeing in nz

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