Posted by: scribe9 | August 28, 2010

Magnificent magnolias

Thank goodness we’re in subtropical New Zealand, which means that we are already in spring, so we’ll have two months of that before returning to fall.

The saucer magnolias (M. soulangiana)  are budding and blooming. Here deep purple is a favored color:

but there’s an occaional white one:

There’s also an occasional pink M. stellata:

but even here there’s no sign yet of blossoms on the occasional evergreen magnolia.

Plenty else is in bloom, too, including flowering members of the cherry/plum family:

an Australian bottle-brush:


a wider variety of camellias than I’ve seen in the US, including this small pink:

but all year around, these daisies bloom next door:

And then there’s the Kiwi habit of chopping plants off and leaving the stumps, which can be anywhere from a foot to eight feet high. This poor flowering cherry, or plum, could at least be the pedestal for a bird-bath:


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