Posted by: scribe9 | August 29, 2010

Mobilising to move

As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago at, we knew of an immigrant who likes old Toyotas and needed a lot of household stuff. Great, we thought–that’ll take care of most of our stuff.

No such luck. His wife, who’s coming in December, wanted to be able to pick out the household stuff and the car she’ll use, and I can’t blame her, particularly as they’re hoping to live here permanently.

Plan B, having the landlord buy it, didn’t pan out, either. The prospect he had for renting the place furnished backed out.

But not all hope is lost. A woman who works at the hospital has bought all of our deck stuff, including the citronella candles and Chrissy and Welly (if you’ve forgotten them, you can get reacquainted at She’s also interested in both beds, has a daughter who’s setting up her own place, and knows of another employee who’s getting an apartment and needs everything.

I’ve spiffed up the car a little, and will take it into the dealer this week to see what they’d pay to take it back; they understand we might want to try to get more.

Now I’m working on using up the food. I don’t like the idea of having to throw away food just because the containers are open, so we’ll probably have some eclectic meals. I used up the marmalade–that wasn’t hard–and can survive with blackberry jam (I know, it’s hard, but I think I’m up to it) for the duration. I doubt that I’ll use up all the dried chili flakes.

I’m not sure I’ll get to the anchovies, which I couldn’t find when I needed them–at least they’re unopened, so may go to a food bank. An English friend wants a pumpkin pie, and the pumpkin’s big enough to make two, so that will help use up some of the spices.

Tonight I’m making a chicken dish with Portuguese spices. The mix has lemon rind, sugar, oregano, and chili pepper in it–thank goodness I was able to find that out without having to buy an entire container of it, since I already have all those ingredients.

Less than six weeks until I’m back in my Portland kitchen, with gas burners and unsweetened chocolate!


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