Posted by: scribe9 | August 31, 2010

Almost full circle

Last October, on the flight over, the purser was wearing a green and black striped shirt. He was friendly and cheerful–typical Kiwi–and said he was dressed like a licorice all-sorts.

I occasionally enjoy licorice. When we stopped at a Dutch store on the way back from our last trip to Auckland, Cate and I feasted on salted licorice. 

Then a few weeks ago I was at the grocery store, buying something else in bulk, and spotted the licorice all-sorts, a mix of layered candies (pink, green, orange or lemon layered with white and licorice) and licorice drops covered with 100s and 1000s. Hmm, I thought, I’ve never had them but this is a good chance to try them. So I bought half a scoop. And I loved them.

Then we had coffee with our Icelandic friends, and they served a wider mix of licorice candies–not only those two types, but also licorice taffy, a very chewy licorice Turkish delight, chocolate licorice, and licorice nougat (which looks like the skin of a Holstein with square spots).

So, when I was next in town, after banking I hit the Liquorice Lady’s shop and bought a package of those for myself. Turns out her layered allsorts aren’t that special, although the others are great. And a few blocks away is the Hospice Allsortz Shop–a clever name for an Op Shop, as chaity resale shops are known here.

Maybe on the flight home the purser will be the all-sorts guy again–although it’s a bit too much to think he’ll have that green and black shirt on.


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