Posted by: scribe9 | September 7, 2010

Spring has sprung

What’s that you say–it won’t until Sept 22 or whenever the equinox is this year? Guess again. Here in the Southern Hemisphere pieces of the Commonwealth (Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa), it was officially spring on September 1.

And it certainly looks and feels like spring. For one thing, it’s avocado season again; I think the hiatus was only a couple of months. Next time I go downtown there will probably be someone selling them out of a basket on a bicycle, or in a basket by the cash register in a clothing store. 

I’m enjoying the one spike of grape hyacinth that popped up in the planter by our front steps.

The sad part is that as spring spreads in the South Island (it’s still frosty down there–pity the poor Cantabrians* picking up after the earthquake), the fantails–cute little birds that flit around catching bugs so fast that I couldn’t take a picture to show you–will be headed back down there. We first saw them on our hike along Queen Charlotte Sound last March. They like to hang around hikers, who stir up bugs.

Speaking of bugs, they’re back. The ants never left, but the sandflies did. Of course, the sandflies were gone during the coldest months, when I never considered going out in flipflops or bare feet, but now they’re back to bother ankles. I’ll foil them; I’ll wear socks and long pants and shoes no matter how warm it gets. So far, the metallic-blue beetles appear harmless.

The big poisonous spiders are also back. I haven’t actually seen one, but all of a sudden they’re building their patchwork webs everywhere. And I’m seeing more small spiders inside, and moths fluttering about the windows.

At least–knock wood–I haven’t seen any bedbugs yet.

*A Cantabrian is a resident of Canterbury, the district in which Christchurch is situated.


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