Posted by: scribe9 | September 14, 2010

Enough all-sorts, already!

I’m sorry I ever ventured into the all-sorts realm. After polishing off the high-end assortment in short order, I realized I’d better quit cold-turkey so I’d still fit into my clothes for the return home. I eat more licorice at a sitting than I do chocolate, because it’s quite tasty but not as satisfying, being high in sugar but not fat.

“Licorice” comes from the Greek for “sweet root” through Late Latin and Old French. The British spelling, “liquorice,” is closer to the Latin, with the “liquor” suggesting liquid. In many languages, the word for licorice means “sweet root.”

I was surprised to find out that the licorice plant (whence comes the juice to be mixed with sugar and starch for the candy) is a member of the pea family, and therefore no relation to anise or fennel, which are in the carrot family.

Licorice historically was used to treat respiratory problems, but too much of it can cause high blood pressure. I didn’t eat that much, but Rick didn’t help–he can’t stand the stuff.


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