Posted by: scribe9 | September 15, 2010


The bar stools are finally gone–the second bidder bought them, and  just picked them up. (Unfortunately, she didn’t want to buy anything else.) She has five kids, with the eldest just heading into the teenage years–she has my sympathy and prayers. As she was leaving, she thanked me for allowing her to pick them up in the evening, as if it might have been an imposition. I am really going to miss the cheerful courtesy of Kiwis.

Rick spent the day north of here, at the hospital in Kawakawa. No, he didn’t go past the famous Hundertwasser Toilets, or see the train down the middle of the main street–the hospital is on the south side of town. He brought me back a souvenir. The hospital always provides a sack lunch when he’s there, and today it came in a brown paper bag. It was not made of the flimsy stuff that the usual, rather rare, New Zealand paper bag is, but of heavy kraft paper, like an Oregon grocery bag–the sturdiest bag I’ve seen in almost a year.

23 days–but who’s counting?


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