Posted by: scribe9 | October 2, 2010

Dairy dangers

I’ve been living here in Dairyland for almost a year, and only now do I learn that the milk here not only has saturated fat, which I knew and was prepared to live with, but also the dreaded trans-fat. Not only that, it’s probably for the same reason that milk and yogurt tastes a bit odd here.

Okay, now that you’re begging me to let you off tenterhooks, I’ll tell you why–it’s what they feed the cows. Not just grass, but also palm kernels. Of course, the grass is no doubt part of the flavor problem–the milk in the far north really tastes weird.

So even though I’ve been using butter and olive and canola oils all year, I’ve ingested ever-so-much transfat. Obviously time to go home!


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