Posted by: scribe9 | October 3, 2010

A common wealth of games

The Commonwealth Games begin later today in Delhi, assuming all goes as planned. There’s been enough muddling about the preparation that New Zealand teams almost stayed home, and enough concern about terrorism that some netball players told their families to stay home.

What I find astonishing is that cricket, which is played throughout the Commonwealth, isn’t one of the sports to be played, unlike the usual suspects of rugby, netball, and lawn bowls. Maybe cricket’s played enough all year around the world that they don’t feel the need, but one can never have enough rugby. Sure, that must be it. Soccer’s not on tap either, but the World Cup trumps the Games anyway.

Besides, the Games give smaller countries a chance to shine. As my favorite columnist put it: “These could be the Games where our national ‘sweet, yeah, no probs’ psyche catapults us to sporting superpower status (at least among the dregs of empire nations that make up the Commonwealth).” And after writing about all the unfinished venues and other risks, he closes: “And I bet, being Kiwis, that when we head home we’ll leave the place cleaner than when we found it.” No doubt.

Yes, the Commonwealth lives on. We sold our Camry yesterday to a man who’s at least thirty. It’s his first car; he grew up in London, is doing his residency here, and will have his first practice in Whistler, BC. Just doing the typical Commonwealth circuit.

By the way, I’m sure you’ll be glad to know that when the Australian Rules Football Grand Final was replayed yesterday, the team for which we were barracking won big.


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