Posted by: scribe9 | October 6, 2010


Yes, we’re down to the last 48 hours.

We took a break from packing to go out to lunch. On the way, we stopped at the post office to mail a tube of posters and a photograph printed on fabric and stretched on a wooden frame. The posters were no problem, but the photo–duly wrapped in bubble wrap and cardboard–was slightly too long. We’d have to send it express freight, for several hundred dollars.

The photo didn’t cost that much in the first place, and we had both assumed that the other liked it much more than we did. We were just going to give it to the Salvation Army (the Sallies–a much friendlier term than the Salvos, which is what the Aussies call them), when Rick decided to cut it off its frame. Ta-Dah! It rolled up enough to fit into a tube small enough to fit into our luggage.

We drove to a gallery cafe 30 kms from Whangarei. Basically a kilometre takes the same travel time as a mile in most of New Zealand, because the terrain is so rugged. This was our view during lunch:

Since it’s spring, the spiders that weave patchwork webs are back. Here’s a web at the cafe:

These spiders also love side mirrors on cars:

We spent the afternoon packing. We had thought we’d have to move out the last few days as we got rid of furniture and cleaned, but the landlord decided to buy about half our stuff, including the dining set, the beds, the refrigerator, the dryer, and all the kitchenware, so we can stay here until it’s time to leave for the airport. Fortunately we have a late-afternoon flight, so we have time to wash and dry all the sheets and towels and drop them off at a charity shop before we leave.

One of the new tenants is a registrar (resident) for Rick. He and his partner have virtually nothing, so they’re happy for us to leave baking ingredients and the like. I doubt that they’d want our leftovers, and tonight we had an orange and green dinner to finish them up: salmon, sweet potatoes with cilantro, carrot and raisin salad, and green salad. We’ve finished off the tea, but that gives us an excuse to say goodbye to our Cambodian friends who run the cafe by the hospital, and to visit the cafe downtown with the best caramel slice I’ve ever had.

Tomorrow the first order of business is to clean out the bookcase-and-basket “dressers” before the Sallies arrive. Living out of luggage for one day is nothing.



  1. Looking forward to your return. You are going to need to come up with a new blog…..I must have reading material.

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