Posted by: scribe9 | October 7, 2010

The last day

Tomorrow, after a week of goodbyes, getting rid of stuff, taking care of paperwork, and cleaning up, we head back to the US. We’ll drive our rental car to the local airport, lock the keys into the trunk, and head for the one-room terminal, hoping against hope that this time the cafe will be open and we can have a last cuppa down under.

It’s definitely a bittersweet departure. We’ve enjoyed our year here very much. It’s not hard to live in a picture postcard even without central heating, when the locals are so friendly, polite, and interesting. It’s been good to see the world from a non-US perspective. We’ve appreciated the clean air, the citrus trees in our yard, living in a town where the bus drivers still carry change–and no, we didn’t feel isolated in a town of 60,000. We’ll miss the wonderful friends we’ve made here.

Of course, we won’t miss New Zealand drivers and traffic laws, the bugs, the racism (too much like home), the journalism, the tortured vowels, or rugby. But overall it’s a wonderful country, a nice place to live despite its problems.

We’re looking forward to getting home, even though the US looks scarier every day. But we’ll undoubtedly come back, if only for a visit.


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